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TravelDaily ( www.traveldaily.cn ) is China's leading online publisher and event organizer focusing on distribution, marketing and technology developments in the travel and tourism industries.

With our vast distribution and growing coverage, TravelDaily is the Chinese travel industry's No.1 source of free, local and international news. Since the first conference being held at Shanghai in 2008, TravelDaily conferences have been regarded as the most prestigious industry event in China.

Event Overview

While most global industry leaders are charting their courses cautiously, some are looking at creating exciting new opportunities or entering new markets in the midst of the crisis. China remains the hotspot of the world's travel market by achieving a 13.6% growth rate in the number of domestic travelers 2013. China's air traffic also exceeded a 11.7% growth rate on a year-to-year basis.

Just how different are current entry strategies, and what tactics offer the best chance at making a real breakthrough in the China market and navigating through this challenging time? How are travel and tourism organizations collaborating to enhance market share and to revitalize the tourism and travel economy?

China Travel Distribution Summit is renamed as Traveldaily Conference to reflect the broad topic and diversified attendee mix of this event and growing popularity of our brand.

TravelDaily Conference 2014 will be a gathering of some of the world’s and China's leading travel industry leaders to discuss core issues affecting the travel industry and how travel organizations can partner to improve market share and revitalize the travel and tourism sectors as well as to seek out implementable solutions that can help transform, drive efficiency and improve bottom-line performance for the travel industry.


"China Edge" is the main theme of TravelDaily Conference 2014 to highlight China's growing importance to the world travel and tourism industry. China has become the focus of a world that is looking for a way standing out of the competition, and nobody can afford to ignore this lucrative but extremely complex market.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • China's online travel landscape-Who will be the winners?
  • How the global players adopt an effective China entry strategy?
  • How the travel brands execute a multi-channel and multi-screen strategy?
  • How the innovations in ground transportation space will impact the travel ecosystem? How the travel companies would benefit from the innovations?
  • How the tourism board and DMOs allocate their market spending and adopt a well-balanced digital strategy?
  • How the travel websites improve their online conversion by leveraging analytical tools and optimizing shopping experience?
  • How the online custom-made package tours achieve scalability?
  • Investment Panel: Lessons we can learn and Looking for the next big thing
  • TravelDaily Lab Startup Pitch



TravelDaily clearly offers the leading travel industry forum for the Chinese market.It is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, learn new concepts and interact with the top players in the industry.

Fritz Demopoulos, CEO, Queen's Road Capital

With the perfect combination of senior attendees, a balanced agenda and great translation services, the China TravelDaily conference is a "must" if you have any interest at all in the China travel market.

Gregg Brockway, President & Co-founder, TripIt


The TravelDaily Conference is THE annual travel industry conference in China. Interesting discussion and good networking opportunities.

Bart Tompkins Managing Director, China Amadeus


An excellent place to meet up with key people in the online China travel business.

Glenn D.Fogel, Head of Worldwide Strategy and Planning, The Priceline Group

What attendees said…

The TravelDaily China Travel Distribution Summit was a very worthwhile event. The high calibre of speakers combined with the breadth of topics discussed made it an enjoyable and informative summit which I hope to attend in the future.

Nicolas Chu, President, HotelClub

The China Travel Distribution Summit is THE event not to be missed is you care about inbound, outbound and domestic effects of one of the largest travel markets in the world, and all that is digital distribution related in the region.

Olivier Dombey, Product Director-North Asia, Wotif Group

Everything was very well organized and I think the overall quality of the presentations, moderators and attendees was world class - better than many of the events I have been to internationally.

Lily Cheng, Managing Director, China, TripAdvisor

Great Event and well organised. Was able to meet and connect with a wide variety of Travel Professionals from China and Asia Pacific.

Hari Venkata, CEO, Hari Venkata

Thanks a lot for the organization, the content inputs (always so useful) and the participants there are all interesting contacts to have.

Nathalie Gualino, Digital&eCommerce Solution Manager, Allianz Global Assistance

The China Travel Distribution Summit is a great way to learn about what is going on in the travel distribution space in China as well as meeting the industry leaders.

Dan Wacksman, Senior VP,Integrated Marketing,Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

The China Travel Distribution Summit is the key event for travel professionals in China and internationally, interested in understanding the fastest growing tourism market, and biggest online population in the world.

Jens Thraenhart, Partner, Dragon Trail