Mr. Guo joined Ctrip.com as the Senior Vice President in 2008 and has also been the Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Ctrip International Travel Service Co., Ltd., since September 2012. In this position, Mr. Guo’s primary focus has been the management and development of Ctrip’s package vacation business, a role he has undertaken with considerable success.

Mr. Guo is the Executive Director of both the China Association of Travel Services and the Cross-Straits Tourism Exchange Association and was also selected by the Beijing International Studies University to take on the role of special researcher in its Tourism Research Institute.

Prior to joining Ctrip, Mr. Guo spent 20 years working in the travel industry. In 1988, he began working at Beijing Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd., where he spent ten years developing his knowledge and management skills. He then became President of China Comfort Travel Group Co. in 1998 and was responsible for managing all aspects of the business. In 2007, Mr. Guo was appointed General Manager of Marketing by the Beijing Tourism Group.

With his ample experience and profound insight into the industry, Mr. Guo has made remarkable contributions to the development of the Chinese travel industry as a whole.


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