2018 China Airline Merchandising Conference

July 25-26 DoubleTree by Hilton Shanghai - Pudong

New Digital Merchandising

The digital transformation of user experiences has changed the ecosystem of the aviation industry. New retail is about sharing, integrating and adding value to customers, and the core factor is digitization.

In the face of digital revolution and diversified customer demands, how will airlines disrupt traditional marketing with digital innovation? What inspirations can be learned from the combination of content and e-commerce? How will O2O strategies connect multi touch points for users? How should airlines respond to the swift changes in consumer demands?

The 2018 Airline Merchandising Conference (2018 AMC) will be held in Shanghai on July 25-26, 2018. More than 650 mid-level or high-level executives in airlines and related industries will attend the event to seek insights and inspirations on "New Digital Merchandising".


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  • This is indeed a feast of ideas and knowledge for the tourism industry, consolidating projections from industry leaders and down-to-earth innovations from startups. Through this event, I’ve learned about the achievements of the past and the outlook for the future of China’s travel industry. I’ve also gained inspiration from hotels, car rentals, personalized tours and other businesses.

    ——Zhijun Lee, General Manager of PSS IT, China Eastern Airlines
  • Hats off to TravelDaily for its thoughtful organization, professionalism and commitment.

    ——Allen Cai, Vice President, Amadeus China
  • Big data and precise marketing will set the direction for industry development, and the competition to enter the field will change the industry. Being able to take part in the age of digital transformation, and embrace challenges and opportunities arising from it, is indeed good fortune. I’ve benefited a lot from TravelDaily’s organization and arrangement!

    ——Qing Wang, General Manager, Business Department, Seoul, Air Macau
  • We value every conference that TravelDaily China hosts. These events discuss hot topics that benefit the travel and tourism industry. As well, each member of the TravelDaily China team is earnest and committed to their job. Their team work has made every event delegate feel warm.

    ——Karen Zhang, Vice President, China, OAG
  • Like always, TravelDaily sparks conversation on the global development of Chinese airlines and gathers companies from all sectors to discuss the international market. We appreciate TravelDaily’s events for their professional and global visions!

    ——Michael Zhou, President, Guilin Tang Dynasty Tours
  • TravelDaily brings together aviation marketers to exchange views and express viewpoints. The Airline Merchandising Conference has inspired us to think, to explore and to make adjustments, prompting us to fine-tune our revenue management and improve our service quality. I’d like to express my gratitude to the hard work of TravelDaily.

    ——Xishi Lv, Manager, E-Commerce Center, Ruili Airlines
  • Thanks to TravelDaily, the aviation travel industry has enjoyed a well-organized and highly-efficient gathering over two days. Through this event, I got a clearer picture of my current position and future potentials. I’m looking forward to the next conference!

    ——Deqiang Wang, Operation Manager, E-commerce Department, Marketing Committee, Shandong Airlines
  • Instead of cliché, fluff and niceties, a truly worthwhile conference should be rich with unique insights, critical solutions and pointed discussions. Through the event, I have acquired information, made friends and partners, and gained global exposure.

    ——Yuan Lu, General Manager, National Solutions, Gridsum
  • The conference has proved to be as high-quality as always, with the exciting ambitions exhibited by participating airlines and innovations of startups from around the world. Thanks to the TravelDaily team for organizing the most up-to-date and in-depth event.

    ——Chengyun Xu, Head of Industry, Travel & Education, Google
  • TravelDaily has built a communication platform for domestic and international airline companies and their partners, while also injecting its points of view, standards and vision into the airline distribution sector that is in need of insight-sharing and innovation. Datalex is pleased to have sponsored and participated in this conference. We have gained much in the two-day event, and look forward to the event next year!

    ——Chris Guo, General Manager, China, Datalex
  • This is the second time that I’ve attended a TravelDaily event, and I see a lot of improvement in experience, content and support services. Seating arrangements, Wi-Fi availability, jack sockets, dining venues, etc. are much better than the last time. More targeted topics were covered, in-depth discussions among international and domestic companies have successfully drawn our attention, even at the last afternoon session. The event’s APP and WeChat Mini Program have helped us get to know each other and communicate properly before the event, making us more focused on the content of the event. It has also protected individual privacy and improved efficiency. It would be more perfect if TravelDaily promotes and encourages everyone to better use their communication platform!

    ——Zhengxian Wu, General Manager, China, Criteo Advertising
  • Through the event, we have contacted China’s four major airlines including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. We exchanged views on big data marketing and reached cooperation.

    ——Cecilia Lu, Head of Travel, Tencent Social Ads
  • The 2017 AMC has continued to be a brilliant event because of timely adjustments on the agenda. Through this conference, TalkingData got to know a lot of new friends from airlines and partners, and learned about the latest trends in the industry, which will lay a solid foundation for developing business in the future. We look forward to the 2018 AMC!

    ——Nan Li, Senior Consulting Director, Aviation and Travel and Government Industry, TalkingData
  • This is the first time that I have attended TravelDaily conference after dealing with TravelDaily for a long time. The event themed “Breaking Barrier” has identified the critical bottleneck for airlines. Breaking barriers seems to be the priority for airlines if they are to increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, gain a bigger slice of the international market, and move ahead with technological innovations, ever-changing ideas and talented personnel. Breaking barriers mean adapting complex organizational structures, operations and procedures to external changes and segments, while lowering the threshold to be more collaborative and inclusive. For airlines, there are too many quality suppliers and buyers, and they need to see them as “partners” rather than “party B”.

    ——Jeremy Zeng, Vice President, LoyaltyChina
  • The logistics are well organized and your team demonstrated a very professional manner at such special timing. As always, the conference hosted by Travel Daily is informative and inspiring. Although I am not specialized in the Travel vertical, I have also learned a lot from the speakers, which is quite useful for me to understand the status quo of our prospects.

    ——Lily Huang, Senior Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Ingenico ePayments
  • This is an industry get-together with innovative viewpoints to learn from. It is well organized with logistical support and a professional and dedicated host team. I want to thank TravelDaily for hosting this event and for all their hard work.

    ——Linlin Chen, President, South China Branch, Baoku Online
  • The event informs us the problems, improvements and innovations in the industry. With an understanding of barriers and expectations, I hope to have access to more varieties of dialogue and interviews in addition to the current communications between airlines and OTAs in terms of cooperation and competition. I look forward to seeing more issues and ideas explored in future events.

    ——Hui Xie, Director of International PSS Operation, TravelSky
  • Having senior executives from various sectors in the industry as speakers have ensured the discussion content will be of good quality. The event presents different perspectives of participants in different roles on similar issues, and this helps lead to a deeper understanding of business patterns as well as mechanisms in the industry.

    ——Changzu Zeng, Director of E-Commerce Channel, China Southern Airlines
  • This is the first time I take part in the Airline Merchandising Conference by TravelDaily, which I found to be professional and of a high-standard. The event is filled with interactions, be it old friends reconnecting, industry decision-makers showing camaraderie and budding industry professionals receiving encouragement.

    ——Guang Zu, Head of Overseas Business, Greater China, smartly.io
  • The event surely deserves a thumbs-up, as it comes at a time when both airlines and air ticketing agents are seeking breakthroughs and opportunities. Participants like me came with expectations, and left with updated understandings through straightforward communication and dialogue.

    ——Hong Wang, Account Manager, APG China
  • I am very impressed by the conference organization of TravelDaily, and have learned a lot from the market-related topics, the swift transition during different sessions, the lively atmosphere mobilized by humorous moderators, and the frank and open exchange among speakers.

    ——Yibin Li, Director of Supplier Management, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  • Through this conference, I have fully understood the future development and priority of airlines, the precise marketing supported by big data, and the differentiation of air travel providers.

    ——Li Li, General Manager, International Business, eBusiness Travel
  • For marketers, this is a perfect platform to communicate with airline professionals. I’m looking forward to the next event!

    ——Yang Lu, Director of Branding, AliPay
  • The event provides a platform for us to exchange ideas and innovations, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

    ——Jinzhou Shi, Senior Sales Manager, Qunar
  • I have participated in TravelDaily’s events as a hotel practitioner for years, and this time I benefited a lot from my first experience at the Airline Merchandising Conference.

    ——Enze Liu, Business Manager, Miot
  • ADC provides a forum for airlines and businesses in relation to civil aviation to openly share thoughts and great ideas on how to better serve the market and, more importantly, a good learning environment for everyone.

    ——Tianran Yi, Sales Manager, Air Canada Beijing
  • The event brings together all of China's major airlines and key distribution and technology suppliers. This year's themes were very relevant to our business: direct channel growth, overseas market expansion, IT and digital transformations.

    ——Jonathan Liu, Managing Director, APAC, EveryMundo
  • It was a good session and I learned a lot. The quality of organization and the speeches were excellent.

    ——Timothy O Neil-Dunne, Founder & Head of Product, Air Black Box
  • This is the first time that conxxe has participated. We exhibit and co-sponsor travel conferences around the globe, including several PhocusWright events. I was delighted with our presence. The event was very professional, and a great level of interest was shown from delegates in our recently launched ground transportation products for Chinese outbound travelers. We will definitely be back for the next conference!

    ——Ian Coyle, Deputy CEO, Conxxe
  • As a travel industry professional, I’ve been following the events of TravelDaily and the updates in the sector. This event featuring “Breaking Barriers” has pointedly identified the bottlenecks of airlines at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives. It has also gathered decision-makers from airlines, OTAs and tech companies to share insights on building a more inclusive ecosystem in the relatively closed chain. Msquare provides value-added services to major aviation players. Through the on-site branding at the event, we have already achieved strategic cooperation.

    ——Yuqin Cui, Director of Branding & Sales, Msquare
  • I’ve gained a lot of industry knowledge and learned much about innovation projects.

    ——Yao Gu, Deputy Manager, IATA
  • This event provides an exceptional opportunity for us to learn about the ideas from all sectors in the airline industry.

    ——Feng Liu, Information Expert, Huadong Cares




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