Keynote Speakers / Panelists

  • James Liang
    James Liang Chairman of the Board & CEO
    Mr. James Liang is the co-founder, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of International, Ltd., the largest online travel company in China with approximately half of China’s online travel market. Mr. James Liang co-founded Ctrip in 1999 with three partners. Mr. James Liang has served as a member of the board of directors since the inception of Ctrip and served as the chairman of the board since August 2003. Mr. James Liang also served as chief executive officer from 2000 to January 2006 and resumed the role of chief executive officer since March 2013.

    Prior to Ctrip, Mr. James Liang held a number of technical and managerial positions with Oracle Corporation from 1991 to 1999 in the United States and China, including the head of the ERP consulting division of Oracle China from 1997 to 1999.

    Mr. James Liang is also a research professor in Economics at Peking University. Mr. James Liang received a PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 2011 and received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. James Liang also attended undergraduate program of Fudan University.
    James Liang will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:15-9:45 AM CEO Interview: The Aftermath of a Showdown
  • Qi Ji
    Qi Ji Founder & Chairman HUAZHU Hotels Group
    Mr. Qi Ji is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China, who co-founded, HomeInns & Hotels and founded HUAZHU Hotels Group. All the three companies have been successfully listed on NASDAQ and the market value reaches over US$ 1 billion for each one. Mr. Qi Ji's successful story is the legend in the industry.

    Under Mr. Qi Ji's strong leadership, all the 50,000 employees commit themselves to keep satisfying travelers and corporate clients with impressive and cost-effective travel experiences, and fast-growing multi-brand hotel group in China with more than 2,700 hotels across over 350 cities. Aiming to become one of the world’s leading hotel operators, HUAZHU formed an extensive and long-term alliance with Accor in 2014, offering the customers of both loyalty programs (altogether 75 million members) the opportunity to access a network of over 6,000 hotels globally. Mr. Qi Ji was given France highest award for his outstanding contribution in 2016.
    Qi Ji will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:00-2:40 PM CEO Interview: Hospitality in Labor Pain Sep. 01   4:00-4:45 PM Executive Roundtable: Travel Investment and Start-up
  • Any Wu
    Any Wu Co-founder & CEO Tongcheng Tourism
    Mr. Any Wu is the CEO and co-founder of Tongcheng Tourism. Mr. Any Wu has more than 10 years working and entrepreneurial experience in China’s travel e-commerce industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Any Wu, Tongcheng Tourism has become China's leading online leisure travel company, and one of the top 3 online travel groups in China, which was ranked eighth on the annual top 20 China tourism groups list in 2015. Tongcheng Tourism raised RMB 6 billion investment from Wanda, CITIC Capital, etc. on July 2015.
    Any Wu will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:45-10:30 AM CEO Interview: The Globalization Strategy of China’s Tourism Enterprises
  • Alex Yan
    Alex Yan President Tuniu
    In October 2006, Mr. Alex Yan, together with his business partner Mr. Dunde Yu, founded the Tuniu Corporation and Alex being COO since that time. Tuniu Corporation is the first one enterprise focusing on online tourism product booking service, and successfully listed on NASDAQ as “TOUR” on May 9, 2014. The company provide high quality and convenient online booking service. The company’s mission is to help consumers “Make Travel Easier”.

    Mr. Alex Yan graduated from Finance Department of Southeast University in 2004. Mr. Yan served as an analyst of iTech Holdings Limited in 2004, and he was one of the founding members and Chief Operating Officer of, from 2005 to 2006, where he was responsible for daily operations and helped become one of China's leading childcare website.
    Alex Yan will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:45-10:30 AM CEO Interview: The Globalization Strategy of China’s Tourism Enterprises
  • Bin Feng
    Bin Feng President Utour
    Mr. Bin Feng has 30 years of experience in tourism since 1984. Under Mr. Bin Feng's strong leadership, Utour was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the first privately-owned tour operator in A stock market. Mr. Bin Feng also focuses on new direction of tourism industry, and is actively expanding the business into sports industry, Internet industry, currency exchange, capital markets and other areas.
    Bin Feng will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:45-10:30 AM CEO Interview: The Globalization Strategy of China’s Tourism Enterprises
  • Paul McCrory
    Paul McCrory Head of Financial Services and Travel Facebook
    Mr. Paul McCrory leads a team at Facebook responsible for helping advertisers and agencies maximize their use of Facebook as a core marketing platform.

    Mr. Paul McCrory has a focus on enabling clients to scale performance marketing and achieve brand marketing objectives by partnering with Facebook. His work involves providing customers with tools that enable them to measure and monitor their use of Facebook to achieve business objectives.

    Prior to joining Facebook, Mr. Paul McCrory led Experian’s Digital division in Australia. His previous experience has provided him with key skills in data, analytics and technology across the Financial Services, Travel and Retail industries.
    Paul McCrory will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:00-11:25 AM Keynote: Driving Travel Business in the Mobile World
  • Kathy Xu
    Kathy Xu Founder & Managing Partner Capital Today Group
    Ms. Kathy Xu has twenty years of experience in venture capital and growth capital investments in China. Ms. Kathy Xu has led several successful investments in China including,,,,, Yifeng Pharmacy Chain, Cosmo Lady Underwear Chain, etc. Four of the entrepreneurs Ms. Kathy Xu backed have become China's "Top 100 Richest Men" ranked by Forbes.

    Ms. Kathy Xu founded Capital Today in 2005 with a vision to help Chinese entrepreneurs build No.1 brands in China and a focus in the consumer, retail and Internet sectors. Ms. Kathy Xu was selected as one of the “China Top Venture Capitalists” by Forbes from 2008 to 2014, and as one of the 25 most influential people in Asia ("2004 Stars of Asia") by Business Week. Prior to founding Capital Today in 2005, Ms. Kathy Xu was a partner and China head at Baring Private Equity Partners Asia. Prior to that, Ms. Kathy Xu was an Investment Manager at Peregrine Direct Investments and an accountant at Price Waterhouse. Ms. Kathy Xu currently serves as a governor of the China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. Ms. Kathy Xu is an honorary trustee of Nanjing University. Ms. Kathy Xu received a bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University.
    Kathy Xu will attend:
    Sep. 01   4:00-4:45 PM Executive Roundtable: Travel Investment and Start-up
  • Justin Luo
    Justin Luo Co-founder & CEO
    Mr. Justin Luo is the co-founder and CEO of Tujia, which is known as China’s leading online marketplace for vacation rentals. Prior to co-founding Tujia, Mr. Justin Luo was the co-president of CRIC and general manager of Sina Leju, the largest online portal of real estate media and information in China. Sina Leju successfully listed on the NASDAQ in 2009. Prior to Leju, Mr. Justin Luo also served on senior management roles for several well-known companies, including Cisco, Oracle and Avaya.
    Justin Luo will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:00-2:40 PM CEO Interview: Hospitality in Labor Pain
  • Shaohua Li
    Shaohua Li President Alitrip
    Mr. Shaohua Li joined Alibaba Group in 2011 as the General Manager of Travel BU in Alipay.

    Before this, Mr. Shaohua Li had been working in airline companies for years and accumulated abundant experiences in E-commerce area of the travel industry. Mr. Shaohua Li comes from a technical background and thus has a profound understanding of how to bring new technology and new idea to market.

    During his time at Alipay, Mr. Shaohua Li and his team built a revamped total payment solution system specialized in travel business, expanded Alipay's business scope in travel industry to include off-line payment, and championed several innovative mobile internet projects. He and his team's work successively helped Alipay transform its business into a B2C based model in travel industry.

    In April 2013, Mr. Shaohua Li was nominated as the General Manager of Travel BU in Alibaba Group. The Travel BU has been upgraded into Travel Business Group and Alitrip is its new brand.
    Shaohua Li will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:45-10:30 AM CEO Interview: The Globalization Strategy of China’s Tourism Enterprises
  • Liang Zeng
    Liang Zeng Vice President Baidu
    Mr. Liang Zeng serves as Vice President of Baidu Inc., and CEO of Baidu Nuomi, a leading O2O service platform owned by Baidu. His mission is to enable Baidu to connect people and services in the mobile internet era. Mr. Liang Zeng oversaw key account sales, search engine marketing and Baidu Marketing Research Institute.

    Mr. Liang Zeng has a successful track record in leading a diverse team to grow business in multiple countries. Before joining Baidu, Mr. Liang Zeng worked for Microsoft as a member of the Greater China Region (GCR) Senior Leadership Team and was responsible for driving the sales, marketing and services of government, education and healthcare industry for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Mr. Liang Zeng received both his MBA and his MS in Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. In addition, he holds another MS in Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing.
    Liang Zeng will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:35-4:55 PM Keynote: Intelligent Connection to Boost Innovative O2O Integration in the Hospitality Sector
  • Rodney Bao
    Rodney Bao Vice Chairman & CEO Jinjiang Travel
    Mr. Rodney Bao has more than 20 years of experience in hotel management, tourism and E-commerce. Mr. Rodney Bao has served on Deputy General Manager of Jin Jiang Tower and the Senior Vice President of Shanghai Jin Jiang Thayer Interactive Co., Ltd..

    In July 2010, Mr. Rodney Bao was commissioned by Jin Jiang International Group to found Jinjiang International E-Commerce Center with the mission to improve the resources integration of tourism and O2O marketing in the group.

    In Jan 2014, Mr. Rodney Bao has been appointed as the CEO of Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd..

    Mr. Rodney Bao holds a Bachelor Degree on Hotel Management from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Mr. Rodney Bao is also an adjunct professor and the mentor of graduate students for MTA at Fudan University.
    Rodney Bao will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution
  • Yan Wang
    Yan Wang Vice President, Sales Shanghai Disney Resort
    Ms. Yan Wang joined Shanghai Disney Resort as Vice President, Sales in July 2012.

    Ms. Yan Wang leads the Sales team in achieving Shanghai Disney Resort’s overall business results. Ms. Yan Wang’s responsibilities mainly include planning, developing, executing and implementing sales channels strategies and distribution marketing plans to optimize business both for short time results and long term development.

    Ms. Yan Wang has an extensive knowledge and great experience of global tourism trends, strategic marketing and consumer demand trend. Ms. Yan Wang has over 20 years of international tourism industry and marketing experience with the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), including 8 years of overseas assignments in Canada, US and Germany while she was leading marketing initiatives and travel businesses to build up global awareness about China as a tourist destination.

    Ms. Yan Wang’s last position prior to joining Disney was Deputy Director-General, Marketing and International Cooperation Department, CNTA.

    Ms. Yan Wang has a Master of Science degree in Economics from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
    Yan Wang will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:15-4:35 PM Keynote: Ignite the Dream of Chinese Guests with an Experience only Disney can Deliver
  • Oliver Hua
    Oliver Hua Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
    Mr. Oliver Hua was appointed’s Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region in October 2013. Mr. Oliver Hua is responsible for developing and executing business strategy across one of the company’s fastest-growing regions.

    Mr. Oliver Hua came to from eBay, where he had worked for over eight years. There, Mr. Oliver Hua held a number of senior positions including Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Japan, and Israel; Chief Operating Officer for Greater China, Japan, and Southeast Asia; and Senior Director of Trust and Safety for the Asia-Pacific region.

    Before joining eBay in 2005, Mr. Oliver Hua worked for seven years as a senior executive with a number of global management and strategy consultants, including McKinsey & Co. in Shanghai and Houston; Booz Allen Hamilton; and Stern Stewart & Co., where he worked with local and global clients in Asia, Europe and the United States. Mr. Oliver Hua was also an entrepreneur, and in 2000, Mr. Oliver Hua co-founded and headed the B2B internet startup company,

    Mr. Oliver Hua received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Beijing Foreign Studies Institute in 1993. Mr. Oliver Hua also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, which was awarded jointly by the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai and the International Graduate School of Management (IESE) in Barcelona and Madrid.
    Oliver Hua will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Leo Lin
    Leo Lin Chief of Staff TripAdvisor China
    Mr. Leo Lin joined TripAdvisor China in 2015 as Chief of Staff, leading TripAdvisor product and marketing operation in China.

    Prior to joining TripAdvisor, Mr. Leo Lin served at Mckinsey, focusing on Automobile and High Tech practice. In the early part of his career, Mr. Leo Lin served at P&G marketing department, for brand management.

    Apart from work, Mr. Leo Lin enjoys out-door traveling. Mr. Leo Lin used to hike in Mustang (Nepal), Ali (Tibet), and etc. In 2014, Mr. Leo Lin took a cycling trip from Shanghai to Spain.

    Mr. Leo Lin holds a BA in Chinese Literature from Fudan University. Mr. Leo Lin can speak fluent Chinese and English. Mr. Leo Lin is currently located in Beijing.
    Leo Lin will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny Wu Chief Strategy Officer
    Ms. Jenny Wu is the Chief Strategy Officer of Ms. Wu joined as deputy CFO in December 2011, then promoted to CFO in May 2012 and promoted to CSO in November 2013. Prior to joining, Ms. Wu was an equity research analyst covering China Internet and Media industries in Morgan Stanley Asia Limited from 2005 to 2011. Prior to that, Ms. Wu worked for China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited (Stock Code: 0144) for three years.

    Ms. Wu has a Ph.D. degree in finance from the University of Hong Kong, a Master’s degree in philosophy in finance from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and both a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Nan Kai University, China. Ms. Wu has been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 2004.
    Jenny Wu will attend:
    Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • Morton Huang
    Morton Huang Founder & CEO
    Mr. Morton Huang is the founder and chief executive officer of Yiqifei Travel (, who dedicates himself to promoting the development of online travel service. As one of the leading companies in international travel service industry, Yiqifei Travel has focused on international air-ticket booking service for more than thirteen years.

    Mr. Morton Huang graduated from Civil Aviation University of China. He once worked for China Southern Airlines Company Ltd., and China Travel Service (HK ) Group Cooperation. In 2003, Mr. Morton Huang set up Guangzhou CAS Air Service Ltd., and also in this year, he built up the brand “Yiqifei”. In 2005, Yiqifei issued the first BSP international e-ticket in China. So far, Yiqifei Travel dedicates to serve the customers with the goal of “Being the most trusted international travel platform by Chinese around the world”.
    Morton Huang will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution
  • Martin Herbert
    Martin Herbert Managing Director – Asia Travelport
    Mr. Martin Herbert, General Manager, Asia for Travelport, is responsible for expanding Travelport’s commercial presence in key strategic regions of North and Southeast Asia, and providing expertise and support to Travelport’s travel agency subscribers and distribution partners.

    Mr. Martin Herbert joined Travelport in 2009 to develop key relationships with airlines in Africa, based in Dubai. Mr. Martin Herbert then relocated to Nairobi, Kenya as Regional Director and established successful Travelport operations in important countries in the region.

    A seasoned travel technology expert, Mr. Martin Herbert has worked on projects for Thomas Cook and Mr. Martin Herbert has also worked for Worldspan, Galileo, and Expedia in various roles within distribution, technical sales and business development.
    Martin Herbert will attend:
    Aug. 31   3:25-3:45 PM Keynote: Trends and Technology Shaping Travel
  • Todd Arthur
    Todd Arthur Vice President of Sales and Market Development Sabre Travel Network APAC
    Mr. Todd Arthur is the vice president of sales and market development for Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific. In this role, Mr. Todd Arthur is responsible for sales performance across Asia Pacific and the retention and organic growth of both local and global accounts. Mr. Todd Arthur also works closely with Sabre’s product and technology teams to drive customer-centric solution deployment in Asia Pacific.

    Before being named vice president for Sabre Travel Network APAC, Mr. Todd Arthur was Managing Director for HRS in Asia Pacific, responsible for strategic business planning and partnership development, talent development and regional growth. Working in the corporate travel industry for two decades, Mr. Todd Arthur has served in senior management and business development roles spanning Asia and North America for companies including BCD Travel, Advito, Finnair and Malaysia Airlines. Mr. Todd Arthur also represents Asia on the board of directors of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

    Mr. Todd Arthur lives in Singapore and is an avid traveler. Having been to more than 100 countries, seeing the world is a passion that he shares with his wife and there are still plenty of opportunities for places they have yet to see.

    Mr. Todd Arthur holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jackson College in Mississippi.
    Todd Arthur will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution
  • Brian Chien
    Brian Chien General Manager and Chief Representative, China Amadeus
    Mr. Brian Chien is currently General Manager & Chief Representative, Amadeus China and is responsible for managing all of Amadeus' distribution business in China.

    Mr. Brian Chien joined Amadeus in 2006 as Regional Director of Business Development and Corporate Strategy in Amadeus Asia in its Bangkok regional headquarters office. Mr. Brian Chien was responsible for executing regional partner strategies, China market entry and development strategies to further expand Amadeus’ customer portfolio and scope and joint venture and partner discussions in China and Asia Pacific region.

    Prior to joining Amadeus, Mr. Brian Chien was the Head of Distribution, E-Commerce and Loyalty Programs for Air Macau and also held various management roles in passenger sales, revenue management and business development at American Airlines in the USA.

    Mr. Brian Chien holds an MBA in Marketing and speaks fluent English and Chinese and currently resides in Beijing.
    Brian Chien will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Michael Zhu
    Michael Zhu COO Jinjiang New Internet Company
    Mr. Michael Zhu is the COO at Jinjiang New Internet Company. Michael has over 20 years of experience in IT-based innovations of business model, business process, distribution channels, etc. He also worked as c-level or middle-level management at Wanda, Jinling, Starwood, as well as VP of a consulting company and college teacher,

    Mr. Michael Zhu holds a bachelor degree from Beijing Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from Nanjing University.
    Michael Zhu will attend:
    Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • Adam Li
    Adam Li Vice President, China Emirates Airline
    Mr. Adam Li joined Emirates Airline in January 2006 as Sales Manager (passenger) in Beijing. Emirates has achieved outstanding sales performance in Beijing under Mr. Adam Li’s leadership. In November 2011, Mr. Adam Li has been promoted as Vice President China of Emirates Airline.

    As Vice President China, Mr. Adam Li directs the strategic development of Emirates in mainland China, including strengthening relationships with political representatives, government authorities, airlines, commercial accounts and key travel industry representatives whilst ensuring that both the country-wide revenue target and company standards of passenger handling are achieved.
    Adam Li will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Joe Xu
    Joe Xu Senior Vice President Super 8 (China)
    Mr. Joe Xu joined Super 8 (China) in July 2010 as Senior Vice President of Distribution. Mr. Joe Xu is responsible for Hotel Property Management System, EC Channel, IT Technology R&D and Reservation functions.

    Prior to joining Super 8, Mr. Joe Xu was the Vice President of Beijing Golden Century (GC) Networks and was in charge of sales and service call center operations, E-commerce, R&D for new products and technology. Before joining GC, Mr. Joe Xu worked for Dell Inc. for more than 13 years, including 5 years of work in DellUS. Mr. Joe Xu was instrumental in setting up Dell East Asia Direct Sell Manufacturing & Distribution, Dell R&D Center in Shanghai, and improving Tech Support Service in Dell Great China region.

    Mr. Joe Xu holds an EMBA Degree from Guanghua Management School at Peking University, a MSIE degree from University of Texas in U.S and a BEng degree from Jiangsu University, China.
    Joe Xu will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • David Long
    David Long Vice President UCAR Inc.
    Mr. David Long is Vice President of UCAR Inc., leading the company’s corporate sales, call center and strategic cooperation departments. Prior to joining UCAR, Mr. Long was Vice President of Operation Department with CAR Inc. Mr. Long started his career in car rental business from 2010. He also has 15 years of experience in chain hotel sector.
    David Long will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Qi Jiang
    Qi Jiang Co-Founder TalkingData
    Mr. Qi Jiang has rich experience on managing mobile Internet startups, deep understanding of mobile Internet and big data applications in the financial industry.

    Mr. Qi Jiang has over 10 years of professional experience in Telco and Financial industries, with rich managing skills in mobile Internet companies.

    Mr. Qi Jiang was former product director of Sanyi Optoelectronics and former sales GM of Raisecom.
    Qi Jiang will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution
  • Jiang Wang
    Jiang Wang CEO HUOLI
    Mr. Jiang Wang is the founder of Flight Manager(航班管家)and Coffee Box(连咖啡). He is also a successful angel investor. As a startup veteran, Mr. Jiang Wang founded the Flight Manager and Gaotie Guanjia(高铁管家). Both are popular travel service apps in China. Coffee Box is a branded coffee delivery app. Mr. Jiang Wang also made several successful investments in startups including UC Browser(UC浏览器),Meituan(美团)and edaijia(e代驾).
    Jiang Wang will attend:
    Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • Tarry Wang
    Tarry Wang Co-founder & COO
    Mr. Tarry Wang is Co-founder and COO of

    Prior to founding Xiaozhu in 2012, Mr. Tarry Wang was Vice President of since 2010.

    Tarry was Vice President of Madhouse, China’s biggest mobile ad platform, from 2008 to 2010, where he was responsible for business development and marketing outreach.

    Before joining Madhouse, as part of the founding team, Tarry helmed Qihoo 360 as Executive Vice President from 2005 to 2008, overseeing overall B2B business and online search operation.

    From 2000 to 2005, Tarry was Manager and then Regional Manager for South China of from 2000 to 2003, responsible for key account management and distribution channel expansion. After Yahoo’s acquisition of 3721, Tarry was appointed Regional Director for North China of Yahoo China, where he first met Kelvin Chen, another co-founder of

    Throughout his course of 16 years of professional experiences, Tarry has been a thought leader who truly cares about the development of each individual on his team. His authenticity and openness has motivated, inspired, and helped talents grow and succeed.

    Tarry holds an undergraduate degree in food sciences and nutrition from Beijing University of Agriculture and has undertaken executive MBA program at China Europe International Business School.
    Tarry Wang will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Zhaohui Li
    Zhaohui Li Director German National Tourist Board Beijing Office
    Ms. Zhaohui Li joined German National Tourist Board Beijing Office as director in August, 2012. Prior to that, she was Representative China of Magic Cities Germany for 9 years, a marketing alliance for promoting 10 large cities in Germany as travel destination. In the early part of her career, she served at CTS, CYTS and CITIC Travel, for outbound travel and inbound travel for more than 10 years.

    Ms. Zhaohui Li holds a BA in German language and literature from Beijing University and MBA from Newcastle University in UK.
    Zhaohui Li will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Steven Gong
    Steven Gong Head of Operations, China CITS American Express Global Business Travel
    Mr. Steven Gong joined CITS American Express Global Business Travel in 2002 and was appointed to Head of Operations in 2009. In this role, Mr. Steven Gong is in charge of the service delivery including front office (customer facing teams) and supporting functions, and responsible for participating and leading business travel management growth and innovations.

    Mr. Steven Gong has 23 years of experience in the travel industry, as well as 14 years of experience in business travel management. Prior to joining CITS American Express, Mr. Steven Gong also worked for CITS Head Office and Abacus in senior leader roles.

    Mr. Steven Gong received his B.A. in Economic Information Management, school of information, Renmin University of China. Mr. Steven Gong is currently based in Beijing, China.
    Steven Gong will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Joseph Xia
    Joseph Xia Vice President Jin Jiang International E-Commerce
    Mr. Joseph Xia joined Shanghai Jin Jiang International E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. as Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Product in Nov, 2010. Mr. Joseph Xia has extensive experience in the hospitality and airline industry. In 2000, Mr. Joseph Xia joined Air China and accumulated his experience in the areas of ground operation, sales, revenue management, etc. In 2006, Mr. Joseph Xia joined Jin Jiang Inns as Revenue Management Manager and Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing, taking charge of revenue management, call center, frequent flyer program and sales, etc.

    Mr. Joseph Xia holds a Bachelor’s degree from Civil Aviation University of China and MBA degree from Fudan University School of Management. Mr. Joseph Xia is also Visiting Lecturer of Travel & Tourism Department of Fudan University.
    Joseph Xia will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:45-10:30 AM CEO Interview: The Globalization Strategy of China’s Tourism Enterprises
  • Dennis Zhang
    Dennis Zhang Chairman & CEO
    Mr. Dennis Zhang co-founded at the end of 2012 as Chairman and CEO. Before that, Mr. Dennis Zhang worked at CDH investment as Operating Partner for about 4 years. He also served as the First CEO of Yahoo! China, CEO of CGA (HaoFang Game Community), President of A8 Music Group, and successfully led A8 Music's IPO in Hong Kong. Mr. Dennis Zhang has rich outbound travel experience over all five continents and is known as a travel expert by his friends.
    Dennis Zhang will attend:
    Aug. 31   2:40-3:25 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of Travel Distribution
  • Liang Liu
    Liang Liu Founder & CEO ON THE WAY
    Mr. Liang Liu is founder and CEO of On The Way (OTW). The company (stock code: 833741) was established in 2004. The company comprises OTW Aviation, OTW Business Travel , OTW Tourism and Country Holidays. The company is based in Beijing, with branch offices in the United States, Shanghai and Xi'an. OTW is devoted to provide quality service and travel solutions.
    Liang Liu will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Maximilian Waldmann
    Maximilian Waldmann Founder & CEO Conichi
    Mr. Maximilian Waldmann is founder and CEO of Conichi. Mr. Maximilian Waldmann has a Bachelor degree from University of Bath and Singapore Management University. Mr. Maximilian Waldmann previously worked for Google, Rocket Internet and KPMG. Founder of City Guide.
    Maximilian Waldmann will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Jonathan Kao
    Jonathan Kao Director, Strategic Initiatives, Greater China BCD Travel
    Mr. Jonathan Kao has over 15 years of experience within the corporate travel industry in Greater China. His extensive experience and deep knowledge is derived from creating effective managed travel programs for local/global companies.

    In his role, Mr. Jonathan Kao is shaping, strengthening and growing BCD Travel in Greater China, ensuring that the company fulfils their mission of powering customer success by making the most of travel investment, keeping traveler’s safe and enhancing the traveler experience.

    Mr. Jonathan Kao has an Economics degree from the University of Toronto, Master’s degree in e-Business from the City University of Hong Kong and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
    Jonathan Kao will attend:
    Aug. 31   4:55-5:45 PM Executive Roundtable: How Will Business Travel Evolve amid The Boom of Technology Innovation and Sharing Economy
  • Gene Quinn
    Gene Quinn CEO & Co-founder Tnooz
    Mr. Gene Quinn is the CEO and co-founder of Tnooz, a leading provider of news and analysis about travel technology and its impact on the global digital travel economy. Before founding Tnooz, Mr. Gene Quinn was chairman of PhoCusWright, a leading research authority on the intersection of travel, technology and distribution. Mr. Gene Quinn has a deep background in travel, technology, media and financial services with senior management, governance and investor roles at Viacom's MTV Networks, Tribune Company, Checkfree, America Online, MIT Media Lab and National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA, the birthplace of the Mosaic web browser).
    Gene Quinn will attend:
    Aug. 31   11:25-12:10 PM Executive Roundtable: The Future of China's Outbound Travel amid Economic Slowdown
  • Henry Wang
    Henry Wang CEO Lvmama
    Henry Wang is board director and VP of JOYU International Tourism Operation Group. Graduated with an MBA from Shanghai JiaoTong University, he served as management personnel for several famous internet companies such as Thunder, Allyes. As the CEO of, he has been awarded as “The 13th Young Pioneer of Shanghai IT Industry” and “Pacesetter of Shanghai Software Industry in 2014”.
  • Charlie Li
    Charlie Li CEO TravelDaily
    Mr. Charlie Li is the founding investor of, China′s leading online publisher and event organizer focusing on distribution, marketing and technology developments in the travel and tourism industry. Prior to his role leading, Mr. Charlie Li was the General Manager of E-Commerce Co., Ltd., China Southern Airlines for more than three years.

    Mr. Charlie Li has over 20 years of experience in China′s airline and online travel industry. Prior to joining China Southern Airlines, he worked for eLong as the Senior Director of the Air Partner Service Group where he led product development and maintained key supplier relationship with major Chinese and international airlines. Mr. Charlie Li holds a BA degree from Shandong University, China and an Aviation MBA from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
    Charlie Li will attend:
    Aug. 31   9:00-9:15 AM Chairman’s Address: Embracing the New Era Aug. 31   9:15-9:45 AM CEO Interview: The Aftermath of a Showdown Aug. 31   2:00-2:40 PM CEO Interview: Hospitality in Labor Pain
  • Joseph Wang
    Joseph Wang Chief Commercial Officer TravelDaily
    Mr. Joseph Wang joined as the Chief Commercial Officer in Sept, 2014. Prior to that, he was the Senior Director of Hotel Business Unit from 2009, focusing on Hotel Direct Sales. He used to work for China Mobile 12580 as the Director of Hotel Business, focusing on hotel supplier partnership management and customer service. From 1999 to 2007, Mr. Joseph Wang worked at, in charge of hotel market management. Mr. Joseph Wang was invited by several universities as visiting professor and tutor, also invited by Chinese Tourism Hotel Association, China Meetings Industry Alliance and several other industry organizations as VIP speaker.
    Joseph Wang will attend:
    Sep. 01   2:00-2:30 PM Products: THack China Winner Demonstration


  • Chengyun Xu
    Chengyun Xu Head of Industry, Travel & Education Google
    Mr. Chengyun Xu has been committed to promoting the vertical applications of mobile since joining Google in 2012. Before joining Google, Mr. Chengyun Xu had worked for Guotai Junan Securities and
    Chengyun Xu will attend:
    Sep. 01   11:25-12:00 PM Keynote: Data-driven Precision Marketing Leads Success in the Gold Era of Global Travel
  • Guanghua Hu
    Guanghua Hu CTO Alitrip
    Mr. Guanghua Hu started his work at Alicloud and was in charge of the development of cloud computing in 2009. Mr. Hu joined Alitrip in 2013 and became General Manager of Hotel Hospitality Division, in which he was leading the initiative of Future Hotel Project, a tech-oriented innovation focusing on customers' satisfaction and high-quality experience at hotel. In April 2016, Mr. Hu was appointed as CTO of Alitrip to lead the technology innovation within Alitrip.
    Guanghua Hu will attend:
    Sep. 01   10:45-11:20 AM Keynote Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • Kevin Guo
    Kevin Guo General Manager of Hotel Group Meituan-Dianping
    Mr. Kevin Guo has 15 years of experience in management and knowledge in hotel business and consumer market. Mr. Kevin Guo joined Meituan in 2014, taking charge of hotel business. In 2015,Mr. Kevin Guo started to lead hotel department of hotel & tourism business group of Meituan-Dianping.

    Under the “Double Engines Strategy” of Meituan-Dianping, Mr. Kevin Guo has established the brand-new positioning for hotel business. With the philosophy of “Consumer Foremost”, the company rides the wave of the Meituan-Dianping consolidation by leveraging Meituan’s wide coverage and Dianping’s deep accumulation of online reputation, and gains recognition from market and partners.
    Kevin Guo will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:00-9:35 AM Keynote: Hotel Marketing Innovation under the New Normal —— Keeping in Pace with Incremental Users of High Efficiency
  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang Co-founder & CEO DerbySoft
    Mr. Ted Zhang came to the U.S. in 1990 to earn a master's degree in Computer Science at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Mr. Ted Zhang then landed in Silicon Valley working for several technology ventures ranging from start-ups to public companies. In 2002, Mr. Ted Zhang and Mr. Feng Ou co-founded DerbySoft in Shanghai to address the lack of electronic distribution for hotels in China.

    Mr. Ted Zhang has overseen DerbySoft's growth to a team of 200 with offices in China, Japan, and the U.S., and under his leadership, DerbySoft now serves most of the world's largest hotel companies, including IHG, Hilton, Hyatt, Carlson, Choice, Wyndham, and Marriott, connecting them to such channels as Kayak, Google,, and Travelocity. DerbySoft is the acknowledged leader in hotel connectivity technology advancements.
    Ted Zhang will attend:
    Sep. 01   11:25-12:00 PM Keynote: The Vision of the Future Global Distribution in Hotel Industry Sep. 01   2:30-4:00 PM China Travel Innovation Challenge
  • Ann Wang
    Ann Wang General Manager of Performance Advertising Group Tencent
    Ms. Ann Wang is General Manager of Tencent Video Commercialization and General Manager of Performance Advertising Group under Online Media Group (OMG) of Tencent. Ms. Ann Wang has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry and developed deep insights in digital marketing, advertising technology and online media monetization. Ms. Ann Wang was Managing Director of Criteo China and held a number of leadership positions at Google, including heading up the Online Partnerships Group (OPG) for Greater China and Korea and overseeing Asia mobile partnership business. Prior to Google, Ms. Ann Wang held various sales, marketing and general management positions at Intel, Comba Telecom and Nokia.

    Ms. Ann Wang received her MBA degree from Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.
    Ann Wang will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:40-10:15 AM Keynote: Kick off the New Period of Wisdom Tourism Marketing
  • Kelvin Cheng
    Kelvin Cheng China Manageing Director Criteo
    Mr. Kelvin Cheng is Managing Director(MD) of China at Criteo. Mr. Kelvin Cheng joined Criteo in 2015. Mr. Kelvin Cheng is leading the operations of Criteo in Chinese market, including business strategies, local team management and Criteo’s long-term cooperation with advertisers and publishers.

    Mr. Kelvin Cheng has tremendous experience in managing advertising businesses in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong for many multinational advertising corporations. Before joining Criteo, Mr. Kelvin Cheng had worked for Leo Burnett, one of the leading global advertising agencies, and held the titles of Managing Director for Hong Kong and Beijing. He had also worked for DoubleClick Media as Country Manager and Xintong Media of the HK New World group as CEO in China. Mr. Kelvin Cheng has a great track record of building a business from scratch and developing both multinational and domestic customers. Mr. Kelvin Cheng found Triton Advertising in 2008, specializing in providing professional media agency services to brand owners in China.
    Kelvin Cheng will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:00-9:35 AM Keynote: Latest Criteo Travel-Focused Report on Mobile Travel Booking, Cross-Devise Booking, and Online Booking
  • Tang Kok San
    Tang Kok San Country Manager, China Worldpay
    With over 15 years of experience in the Payments & IT industry, Mr. Tang Kok San is now Country Manager at Worldpay China.

    Throughout his continual involvement in the payments industry and research in e-commerce risk management, Mr. Tang Kok San accumulated a deep understanding of global payment strategies and a strong grasp of market entry strategies and its dynamics.

    Previously, Mr. Tang Kok San was General Manager and Vice President of Business Development at Worldpay China. Prior to this, Mr. Tang Kok San was Country Manager at GlobalCollect where he helped established the China operation and acquired new merchants that spearheaded the growth in the Asia Pacific region.

    Outside of work, Mr. Tang Kok San is a nature enthusiast and an active runner and golfer.
    Tang Kok San will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:40-10:15 AM Keynote: Why Do They Pay That Way for Holiday Packages?
  • Frank Zhou
    Frank Zhou Chairman & CEO 517 Travel Network
    Mr. Frank Zhou is CEO of 517 Travel Network, one of China’s leading online travel trading platforms for over 10 years. The company was being listed on New Three Board on November 11, 2015. The company's business travel brand No.1 Services Cloud Platform has been growing rapidly.
    Frank Zhou will attend:
    Sep. 01   11:25-12:00 PM Keynote: The Challenge and Opportunity of Business Travel Management
  • Steven Tu
    Steven Tu COO Green Cloud
    Mr. Steven Tu is vice-general manager of Hangzhou Green Cloud S&T Co., Ltd. Mr. Steven Tu is in charge of sales & marketing, channel cooperation, system development and key account management. Mr. Steven Tu has been devoting himself in the hotel IT industry for more than 20 years.

    Mr. Steven Tu was the vice-general manager of Hangzhou Westsoft Information Co., Ltd and took responsibility for many IT programs for hotels during that period, such as Nanjing Jinling Hotels & Resorts, Regal Hong Kong Hotel, Jin Jiang International Holdings Co., Ltd, Shandong Inzone Tourism Group, Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Co., Ltd.
    Steven Tu will attend:
    Sep. 01   10:45-11:20 AM Keynote: A Hotel Open Platform with the Call of Sharing Economy
  • Rikin Wu
    Rikin Wu CEO
    Mr. Rikin Wu co-founded in 2012. After working for CITIBANK and TENPAY, he has accumulated extensive experience in internet and financial industry. Mr. Wu holds a bachelor degree from Shenzhen University. has developed its own proprietary system to consolidate and distribute the inventory of international hotel wholesalers, covering more than 200 countries and regions. The company has been working with more than 4,000 clients in China.
    Rikin Wu will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:40-10:15 AM Keynote: Hotel B2B Platform, Enabling OTA and Adding Value to Hoteliers
  • Kui Zuo
    Kui Zuo Co-Founder Ronglian
    Mr. Kui Zuo is Ronglian’s co-founder, assistant to president, and general manager of Voice Division, a comprehensive voice platform focusing on business services, product development, operations and marketing. Mr. Kui Zuo has 15 years of working experience in telecommunications industry. Mr. Kui Zuo is one of the Chinese Internet explorers and pioneers in enterprise communications services.
    Kui Zuo will attend:
    Sep. 01   9:00-9:35 AM Keynote: Cloud Solution, An Impressive Way to Improve Customer Experience
  • Hanson Wu
    Hanson Wu Director of Travel, China Webpower
    Mr. Hanson Wu, Business Director of North China at Webpower, graduated from The Hague University in the Netherlands. Inspired by the wave of e-commerce and enterprise informatization, Mr. Hanson Wu joined Webpower in 2009. During the past 7 years, Mr. Hanson Wu garnered outstanding skills in online communication and client success. These skills were devoted to serve clients from home and abroad: Haier, Tamll, Glamour Sales, Royal Caribbean, Under Armour…Now, Mr. Hanson Wu together with his team are striving to provide marketing automation solution to companies who are wishing to reach Chinese consumers.
    Hanson Wu will attend:
    Sep. 01   10:45-11:20 AM Keynote: Putting a Personal Touch in Your Multichannel Campaign
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