2015 TravelDaily Conference

Sep. 16-17

Le Méridien She Shan Shanghai

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Travel and tourism has been one of the hottest areas for online startups in China these two years as the market evolves in an environment of deepening price war, greater integration of business models and O2O model, more refined segmentation and enthusiasm in investment. Ctrip’s acquisition of eLong is expected to reshape the landscape of China’s online travel market and may signal an even wider industry consolidation.

But how would competition in the industry play out as the tide of investment ebbs in the face of chaotic growth, and how should companies achieve product differentiation while improving conversion rate? What strategy should they adopt to venture internationally, whether it is through affiliations with mega international players or overseas acquisitions?

Join 1,300+ top executives from the global tourism industry to exchange views on these topics and more on TravelDaily Conference, to be held on September 16 - 17, 2015.


  • 梁建章
  • Adrian Currie
  • Simon Hauswirth
  • Mieke De Schepper
  • 罗军
  • 包磊
  • 李少华
  • 蔡永元

TravelDaily Lab

Selected entrepreneurs from the startup companies who are less than 12 months in existence or companies leaving stealth mode (or are a little beyond startup) will have the chance to demonstrate their innovative solutions or products that will significantly impact travel planning, purchasing and trending. The winner will be rewarded the TravelDaily Innovator Award.


  • One of the best conferences in the region - speakers are well represented and contents are rich and practical. A good event for industry players to gain updated information on current trends and new marketing tools for the hospitality market.

    — Cinn Tan, Former senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

  • TravelDaily Conference is getting more and more valuable. It's not only an industry gathering but you may learn lots of new ideas from others in different standpoints. And TD conference always makes us updated with new tools and industry trend as well. Good job, Charlie and TD team. We all appreciate for what you did and what you are doing to China travel industry.

    — Joseph Xia, Vice President, Shanghai Jin Jiang International E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

  • One of the key events that all travel and hospitality professionals who are interested in the China market should attend. Up-to-date information and highly relevant topics were discussed.

    — Lucas Peng, Founding Member, HSMAI Asia Pacific

  • Always getting new ideas and finding new cooperation opportunities during the meetings with friends from all around the country and world.

    — Joe Xu, Senior Vice President, Super 8 (China)

  • (1) Listening to speakers/panelists allowed us to gain useful insights into the highly dynamic Chinese hospitality market. (2) Collected useful leads through networking.

    — Dyson Yu, China Organizational Group Member, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association