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  • The TravelDaily Conference is a platform to meet with senior executives from the industry, and also a place to discuss with experts from home and abroad. Through this event, we can see the hard work and insightful visions of the travel professionals.

    ——Ethan Zhu, Chief Commercial Officer, China, TripAdvisor
  • For Internet companies, the annual TravelDaily Conference provides a great chance to see challenging and innovative models for the travel industry. In the two days of the event, we have confirmed the cooperation intention with at least 10 global companies.

    ——George Zhang, Founder & CEO, iGola
  • TravelDaily Conference has inspired me, as a speaker, to constantly learn from the forefront of the industry and improve our products.

    ——Cecilia Lu, Head of Travel, Tencent Social Ads
  • TravelDaily Conference is on my schedule every year. I have witnessed the professionalism and efficient execution of the team work on the Tripshow Video Marketing Innovation, and I have also met three new clients from Switzerland, Canada and Hong Kong who were all attending the event for the first time. This also shows the increasing influence of TravelDaily beyond China.

    ——Roy Graff, Managing Director, EMEA, Dragon Trail Interactive
  • This year, the TravelDaily Conference remains the only choice where we can voice our opinions in the air travel industry. Ever since our first participation in 2015, I have encouraged my team to attend every event, and found nearly half of our clients through TravelDaily’s events. Based on the key takeaways from this event, we will prepare ourselves for future development in the travel industry.

    ——Wenliang Guo, CEO Assistant, TalkingData
  • I have attended TravelDaily Conference for the last 10 years in a row. The event has connected the tourism industry stakeholders of China and the world, and witnessed and promoted the growth of China's tourism.

    ——Ivan Huang, President, i++ Travel Group
  • China's tourism industry is moving from “Copy to China” to “Copy from China”, and will surely become an important force around the globe as China became the second largest economy with its One Belt One Road initiative. In this context, TravelDaily provides the chance for travel professionals in the world and China to know about each other.

    ——Ted Zhang, Co-founder & CEO, DerbySoft
  • The 10-year development of TravelDaily has witnessed the transformation of China's travel industry. This is a team of professional ideas and missions.

    ——Hellen Luo, CEO, CYTS
  • I have always been inspired by the professionalism, enthusiasm, diligence and committment of TravelDaily China.

    ——Yilin Wu, Vice President, ATOUR
  • TravelDaily China has been a leader in exploring beyond what is happening in the travel industry. I’m expecting more from this platform for the next 10 years.

    ——Jessica Zhu, Innovation Director, Large Enterprises Tourism, Plug and Play
  • International participants, decision-makers and influencers, and quality industry insights are the three highlights in the TravelDaily Conference.

    ——Lei Guan, CEO, Babel Technology
  • The annual TravelDaily Conference is a stage for us to sum up and spot new growth. This is the best opportunity in the travel industry to know about forefront trends and build connections.

    ——Hanyue Jiang, CEO, i++ Travel Group