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Rebuild with Synergy

The glorious growth for China’s travel industry for nearly two decades has left a multitude of underlying problems unaddressed. User traffic growth that fueled the rapid development of the industry has stalled, and the travel space has entered a critical stage of transformation. Various segments are slowing down and many companies are clamoring to find new growth engines.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has intensified the pressure of economic downturn. The industry, forced to face accelerated reshuffles, must rethink: Who are the core users? What are their core demands? It's time to reset in 2020, to change our perception, thinking and value. Join the 2020 TravelDaily Conference, rescheduled to November 25-27 in Shanghai, to explore topics most relevant to travel companies: What long-term opportunities are there for the industry after regrouping? How to modify product structure, operation and marketing strategies to cater to segmented markets and personalized demands? How to improve user experience with fine-tuned operation? How to plan and execute corporate digitalization to become more resilient? How to establish a win-win value proposition as travelers’ demands are increasingly diversified and the industry chain is working closer together?

Note: Estimated data for 2020.

Agenda Overview

Agenda Overview

Nov. 25, Wednesday

AM   Check-in
AM   Innovation Hub
Noon   Lunch
PM   Innovation Hub
Evening Innovation Hub Dinner

Nov. 26, Thursday

AM   Check-in
AM   Main Forum
Noon   Lunch
PM   Main Forum
Evening   Digital Travel Awards Gala Dinner
Full Day   Digital Travel Show

Nov. 27, Friday

AM   Check-in
AM   Breakout Forum Hotels/Destinations
Noon   Lunch
PM   Breakout Forum Hotels/Destinations
Full Day   Digital Travel Show

Event Overview

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Gang Chen

Co-founder & CEO, Mafengwo

The TravelDaily Conference is an event of international standards in both agenda arrangements and speakers. Participants can witness the clash of viewpoints and gain insights into industry trends. In an era of great transformation, we are pleased to discuss the future of “new tourism” with our friends and make a contribution to the reform of the tourism industry. We want to thank TravelDaily for providing us with a stage to share ideas, and also for its truly professional performance.

Gloria Wang

President, Hampton by Hilton China

The TravelDaily team is respected for the great arrangements of its conferences. As a fellow participant in the event said, we are lucky to stay in the travel industry for three reasons: the era, the China market, and the TravelDaily team!

Shenghong Gan

CEO, SSAW Boutique Hotel

Ever since I got to know this platform, TravelDaily has always impressed me with its growing influence on the travel industry.

  • We’ve attended the TravelDaily Conference for the past five years. We appreciate that the organizer ensures open and to-the-point sharing of insights by the speakers, rather than sales pitches. There is a saying that is very apt for good conferences: “The weak undermine each other and fail together, while the strong reinforce each other and win together.”

    —— Songzhi Wang, President, Paco Hotel Group

  • I have attended the annual TravelDaily Conference four times since I started my own company five years ago. Each time I gained something new, and the enthusiasm of the TravelDaily team and their focus on details remained constant. This marks TravelDaily Conference as the most important event in the tourism industry.

    —— Tarry Wang, Co-founder & COO, Xiaozhu.com

  • TravelDaily has provided an important platform and network to propel and improve the vision, landscape, innovations, capital and entrepreneurship in the entire China travel industry. It’s a platform for promoting communication between domestic and international markets. The enthusiasm, hard work and contributions of the organizing team are very impressive! I appreciate their work and look forward to witnessing the continuous expansion of China’s travel sector together.

    —— Sarah Chen, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality

  • The TravelDaily Conference delivered great value to the audience. We enjoyed trend analyses by leading industry veterans, demonstrations of new solutions/technology applications by top players, industry data released by prestigious organizations, and experience sharing by enterprises in new areas of investments.

    —— Joe Xu, Senior Vice President of Super 8 (China)

  • I missed the opening sessions on Day 1 of the TravelDaily Conference because of traffic, but stayed till the end of the event and witnessed the TravelDaily team closing the event and taking a photo together. I have been attending the TravelDaily events countless times. I dare say TravelDaily is the No. 1 platform for connecting airline and travel businesses in China! I look forward to seeing the TravelDaily team help the industry grow stronger and better with more incisive topics and honest opinions.

    —— William Zhao, VP of Development & Strategic Alliances, Greater China of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

  • There were many great and creative ideas in the TravelDaily Conference and Digital Travel Award. I’ve learned a lot from the events that showed clear goals and perfect execution.

    —— Zhaohui Li, Director, German National Tourist Board Beijing Office

  • I’ve taken more than 10 pages of notes during the TravelDaily Conference. It was an event with great insights and takeaways.

    —— Xin Wang, Deputy General Manager of Brand Management, Wanda Hotels and Resorts

  • I’ve attended the TravelDaily Conference twice and gained a lot from every session. The sharp yet truthful viewpoints shared by industry veterans and professionals were a breath of fresh air. They served up great examples and models on how to build efficient and nimble IT systems for hotel groups. My gratitude to TravelDaily and its great professional teamwork for bringing new inspiration every year.

    —— Zheng Li, Head of IT, Greater China, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

  • Of all the travel conferences that I’ve attended over the years, the TravelDaily Conference stands out with its solid content, professional debates and thought-provoking perception of the market. As a MICE professional, I can feel the passion of the TravelDaily team and their attention to details, from reminder messages of the event schedule to power charging stations set up at the corner of the venue, schedules on WeChat Mini Program and shuttle buses. Through the unparalleled TravelDaily’s platform, I have access to idea exchange, social networking, and knowledge and inspiration of the industry.

    —— Qijun Zheng, CEO, Manyoua.com

  • I’m thrilled to have participated in yet another edition of the TravelDaily Conference and I was the last one to leave the venue.

    —— Yan Fu, Greater China CCO, TripAdvisor China

  • It was the fifth or sixth time that I participated in the TravelDaily Conference, and I made a point of attending it every year ever since I got to know this event.

    —— Xiaoping Wang, Founder, Guangdong Suixinyujian Hotel Management

  • Through the TravelDaily Conference, I learned more about the latest digital marketing cases and insights from top players in each vertical segment, and made new friends in the industry. It is a major event of the travel industry and delivers great value as a hospitality conference as well, focusing on core information exchange, sharing and co-creation for the hotel space. We appreciate all the hard work of each member of the TravelDaily team!

    —— Yu Chen, General Manager of Brand Marketing, Shanghai Vienna Hotel Management

  • The TravelDaily Conference is increasingly up to date and down to earth. I look forward to an even greater edition next year!

    —— App Zheng, CIO & Marketing Management Dept. General Manager, Spring Airlines

  • We’ve grown another year with the TravelDaily Conference. We’ll attend again next year!

    —— Dongliang Liu, General Manager, Longzhizhou

  • It was a full house at the TravelDaily Conference, even at lunch hours.

    —— Jianbin Liu, General Manager, Cruise Business of Tuniu

  • At the TravelDaily Conference, we learned from major corporations on their innovative approaches to digital marketing and other great insights. The Digital Marketing Award and the Product Innovation Award provide great opportunities for many startups to present themselves and for the travel industry to learn about more technology and solution options.

    —— Li Wen, Marketing and Branding Director, Shimao Star Hotels Group

  • The keynote speeches and panel discussions delivered great references for us. The TravelDaily team has worked diligently and professionally to organize the event and provide solid content. It is a pleasure working with TravelDaily!

    —— Shiyun Yang, Vice President of Sales, Yunji Technology

  • TravelDaily’s conferences and exhibitions are industry-leading. Through the events we meet a lot of old friends each year. We grow through these events and exchange new ideas at the meetings.

    —— Jie Zhang, President, Xinfei Technology

  • Thanks to TravelDaily’s invitation, we’ve attended the two-day conference that was of high standard with solid content!

    —— Ricky Han, CEO Assistant and General Manager of the Aviation Tourism Division, YEEPAY

  • Through the conference, we connected with friends in the travel sector and got to know our industry counterparts better. The TravelDaily Conference provides actionable insights and takeaways for the audience. From leader to team members, everyone is passionate about the event. Congratulations on a highly successful conference!

    —— Linyu Wang, Head of Corporate Innovation of Travel and Hospitality, Plug and Play China

  • Having finished three days of learning at the TravelDaily Conference, I found the hospitality industry increasingly fascinating. Thanks to TravelDaily as you’re truly an influential force in the travel industry! It is a massive undertaking to continue the feat for more than a decade. Your professionalism and focus will take you far!

    —— Yanhong Zhang, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, JI Tour

  • The TravelDaily Conference is a grand event for professionals in and beyond the travel business to communicate and learn from each other. It is worth attending every year!

    —— Owen Peng, Vice President, SEEC Media Group

  • The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of China’s online travel sector. Our team comes to the TravelDaily Conference every year to learn. This year, we have also invited our core partners to participate in the event. Taking three days off busy schedules for the event is not easy for corporate leaders but it is necessary to stay up-to-date while we are charging ahead. The time we spent on the TravelDaily Conference was worthwhile and we plan to invite more core partners to join us at next year’s event. We wish the TravelDaily Conference continued success!

    —— Fang Yao, Senior Marketing Development Manager, Greater China, Tourism New Zealand

  • We took part in the Entries Presentation of the Digital Travel Award for the first time and learned about many new opportunities for travel innovation. Running the China Hotel Marketing Conference and the China Airline Merchandising Conference concurrently on the same day is a great idea as it facilitates communication across the sectors. We appreciate TravelDaily’s efforts in bringing us an excellent industry conference and a platform for communication!

    —— Wells Zheng, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Guangdong Manyou International Travel Group

  • Industry data analyses, experience sharing of innovative products by startups, major brands’ marketing campaigns, connecting between investors and startups…all of these demonstrate the international and professional values of the TravelDaily Conference.

    —— Lu Gao, CMO, Orange RV

  • I was invited to the TravelDaily Conference as a moderator of a panel discussion featuring panelists from high-end hotels this year. The TravelDaily team has been organizing quality conferences for years, creating an opinion exchange platform for Chinese and global conglomerates and different brands. It is, in short, about being persistent and truthful. We appreciate the contribution that TravelDaily continues to make for the industry!

    —— Anne Yuan, Chief Consulting Officer, Integration Hotel Management Consultants


Nov. 25 - 27     Shanghai, China