Landison HSD Plaza Hotel Hangzhou, China

The 2018 China Hotel Marketing Conference will take place at the Grand Ballroom on the 6th Floor of Landison HSD Plaza Hotel Hangzhou.

Address:No.968, Changbang Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, China Tel:(0086) 571-88888883

For more information about the hotel, please visit the hotel’s website for more details.

Transport Guide

Landison HSD Plaza Hotel Hangzhou is located in Hangzhou's top commercial complex Hangzhou Xintiandi at the intersection of Changbang Road and Shixiang Road, and a major interchange of Metro Line 3 and Line 4 (under construction). It is easily accessible to Desheng Expressway, Qiushi Expressway and Liushi Expressway via major urban roads including Shixiang Road and Dongxin Road, and is also conveniently located near expressway entrances to the Beltway, Shanghai-Nanjing Highway and Hangzhou-Pudong Highway.