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As one of the most influential conferences in the global travel industry, the 2021 TravelDaily Conference will have four forums held concurrently for the first time, namely the TravelDaily Conference, the Hotel Marketing Conference, the Airline Merchandising Conference and the Destination Go-Digital Conference. The Digital Travel Awards and Digital Travel Show will also be held at the same time.

The event will showcase new niche markets, trends, models and technologies for the travel industry, and facilitate further breakthroughs and interaction with different segments to enhance cross-sector communication and connectivity of the travel sector.

The TravelDaily Conference, Sep 2

Main Topics:

CEO Talk: The Self-Disruption Of Trip.com Group

Trip.com Group has taken a step futher beyond a transaction platform with its chairman James Liang acting as a live-stream moderator each week. The company is determined to take content as one of its four main focuses, which also include product, supply chain and quality. The company’s road to global entrepreneurship is challenged by trade wars, COVID-19, and domestic competition. How will Mr. Liang lead the Trip.com Group through the company’s “self-disruption” and emerge stronger?

CEO Talk: The Changed And Unchanged In The Travel Industry

China’s travel industry has gone through several rounds of transformation and upgrades amid rapid economic growth, travel infrastructure improvement and online service adoption. As travel veterans who have witnessed these industry developments, what have Mr. Rungang Zhang, Mr. Miaolin Chen and Mr. Zhenghua Wang seen as the changed and the unchanged in the sector? The travel industry had experienced unprecedented challenges in 2020 and what shall we expect for the future of travel?

Executive Roundtable: From Top Design To Ground Work, How Should Travel Go Digital?

Digitalization has been a buzzword in the travel industry for many years, but many companies still rely heavily on small-scale offline operation. What are the obstacles that have hindered the go-digital progress in the industry? Which digital technologies should be prioritized to ride on the wave of digital transformation? How should the big corporations and the small companies customize their digital solutions? What are the keys to effective execution of these solutions?

Keynote: With Lower Barrier To Travel Inspiration, How Should Quality Content Facilitate New Growth Models?

From professionally-curated long articles with nice photos, to casual short videos on TikTok and WeChat by anyone, the barrier for entry into travel inspiration is now lower. But consumers will still need to go through a series of complicated processes, from inspiration to decision-making, for which quality contents remain the key. How should travel companies combine fragmented and lengthy contents to better help consumers make their travel decision? How to fully leverage travel content offerings, enhance marketing quality and effeciency, and build new growth models?

Keynote: Traffic Generation

With user traffic growth stalled, and customer acquisition costs rising, companies are faced with the imperative task of cutting costs and improving effeciency. To survive in the post-Internet era and grow stronger, finding new traffic is key. In the era of digital transformation for everyone, what is user traffic, where will that come from, and how should we leverage and recycle that? Companies will need to grasp the underlying logics and top design mechanism of traffic generation.

Hotel Marketing Conference, Sep 3

Main Topics:

CEO Talk: Hospitality In The Next 10 Years

The hospitality industry has grown beyond just offering a sleeping space. Innovative concepts such as KTV hotels, cinema hotels, gaming hotels and self-service smart hotels have emerged. But will these futuristic features fundamentally change the business of hospitality? How will technology change the existing accommodation inventory in the next 10 years? How should hotels meet the increasingly personalized guest needs based on big data and AI?

CEO Talk: The Evolution of State-Owned Hotels

People used to think that state-owned hotels do not have to worry about business opportunities and do not care about operational efficiency. But with market upgrades intensifying competition, state-controlled hotels are also facing a more difficult time to stay relevant to consumers. They will have to disrupt themselves if they do not wish to be disrupted by their challengers.

CEO Talk: How Should Old Hotels Upgrade To Catch Up With New Demand From Next Generation

The Gen Z consumers as the new driving force with higher purchase power and demands are gradually changing global business landscape as well as the travel and hospitality industries. What kind of hotel offerings will appeal to them? Does meeting these new demands require hotels to abandon their existing products and services? How should hotels leverage optimized SOP insights to meet the next-generation demands?

Executive Roundtable: Global Hotel Groups’ Local Challenges

International hotel groups are accelerating their expansion in China amid the pandemic while their Chinese counterparts are also emerging faster. What are the local challenges that global chains face in the upscale, midscale and economy hotel segments? What shortcomings do the global players have and what advantages do they have over the Chinese chains? How should the international chains leverage their advantages to help the Chinese hotel groups? How should international brands understand the new-generation consumers’ demands for high-end vacations, and the way to meet these demands?

Executive Roundtable: Urban And Rural Homestays Trends

With mixed quality and regulatory uncertainties, how will the homestay industry face the future? More regulations will be imposed on the sector, raising the barrier of entry into the business. The pandemic is fueling the growth of short-haul travel and rural home-sharing, and government policies in favor of rural homestays will have an impact on business travel hotels; and more newcomers will emerge in the industry, further intensifying competition. How should players find their own places in the market?

Executive Roundtable: OTAs Invest In Hotels - Who Moved My Cheese?

Hotels and online travel agencies continue their frenemy stories with OTAs investing in or incubating hotel brands since 2016. Top online players including Trip.com Group, Qunar, Meituan, Tongcheng Elong and Fliggy are all in this game. Why do OTAs have to invest in or incubate hotel brands to strengthen their competitiveness? Who has moved whose cheese in this case? Will more hotel brands be ready to embrace another OTA investor?

Airline Merchandising Conference, Sep 3

The applications of core system upgrades, cloud computing, analytics insight technology and digital experience have matured, and the pandemic has further driven the digital and technological transformation of the entire travel sector, including the airline industry. Will the air travel business see more progress post-COVID-19? Does the emergence and upgrades of phenomenal products like air-ground interconnection, air-rail booking service and “Fly at Will” flight passes mean that the aviation industry is taking further steps in airline industry retailing and personalized ancillary services? How will blockchan and big data technologies provide new application scenarios in the sector and drive digital transformation for the airline business?

(Stay tuned, more program details will be available soon.)

Destination Go-Digital Conference, Sep 3

The destination and tourist attraction sector has been hit hard by the impacts of COVID-19. Many attractions are operating at 75% of capacity. With social and travel restrictions amid the pandemic, the sector will have no income. As travel activities continue to recover, how should attractions make full use of short videos and live-streaming campaigns to stay top-of-mind for consumers, from travel inspiration to transaction? How should they create immersive experiences based on user needs? How should they leverage new technologies to improve tour experience and promote cross-selling? The lines between accommodation and destination activities are increasingly blurred, and new offerings like performances and role-playing detective games are entering the tours and activities sector.

(Stay tuned, more program details will be available soon.)

Sep. 1 - 3     Shanghai, China