Identifying Trends

As an economic barometer, the tourism industry is among the first to bear the brunt of economic slowdown and grapple with uncertainties on future directions. The challenge to find the next big opportunity is getting tougher, as it requires looking beyond the obvious to identify underlying trends and make accurate predictions. So what are the genuine needs of today's global travelers? What gaps are there in the market?

In the 2019 TravelDaily Conference and Digital Travel Show to be held on Aug. 27-29 in Shanghai, we will present emerging trends, business models, products, technologies and the way forward for the industry. The event will bring together attendees from various segments of the tourism sector. The Digital Travel Show, Digital Travel Case Study and other events will help you explore business opportunities.

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Gang Chen

Co-founder & CEO, Mafengwo

The TravelDaily Conference is an event of international standards in both agenda arrangements and speakers. Participants can witness the clash of viewpoints and gain insights into industry trends. In an era of great transformation, we are pleased to discuss the future of “new tourism” with our friends and make a contribution to the reform of the tourism industry. We want to thank TravelDaily for providing us with a stage to share ideas, and also for its truly professional performance.

Jenny Zhang

CEO, Huazhu Group

I was attracted by the wide variety of participants when studying the attendee catalogue, and this event is very attractive with different ideas, creative methods of communication, and international and cross-industry knowledge.

Shenghong Gan

CEO, SSAW Boutique Hotel

Ever since I got to know this platform, TravelDaily has always impressed me with its growing influence on the travel industry.

Guoxiang Wu

General Manager, Marketing, China Southern Airlines

For the last ten years, TravelDaily has created a platform for communicating and sharing with travel professionals worldwide. I’m looking forward to participating in its next event.

  • I have attended the annual TravelDaily Conference for four times since I started my own company five years ago. Each time I would get something different, and the only thing that remains the same is the enthusiasm of the TravelDaily team and their focus on detail. I think this is what makes TravelDaily Conference the most important event of the tourism industry.

    ——Tarry Wang, Co-founder & COO, Xiaozhu.com

  • I always look forward to the TravelDaily Conference every year because of its professional brainstorming and insightful predictions.

    ——Justin Luo, CEO, TuJia

  • I think this event is very interesting and productive which one of the event of seminar. On the other hand, it will much better if you will prepare communication place and time for attendee each other.I satisfied about all of session which can find several new opportunities.

    ——Hiorhisa Nanao, CEO, Rakuten Travel China

  • As an investor, I get to learn about the latest information and insights from industry experts in the industry, and crosscheck them against practical applications in the industry. The keynotes and executive dialogue about industry operations are open and truthful. I have gained a lot from the event. I have also started following the latest news of TravelDaily because it is influential in the global travel industry.

    ——Chi Li, Hongsheng Capital

  • The TravelDaily Conference is a platform to meet with senior executives from the industry, and also a place to discuss with experts from home and abroad. Through this event, we can see the hard work and insightful visions of the travel professionals.

    ——Ethan Zhu, President, China, TripAdvisor

  • For the last 10 years, TravelDaily China has become an influential platform. The professional and pragmatic operation and the rich and innovative content have brought us a stage to discuss industry problems, expand distribution channels and inspire new ideas. I feel lucky to have participated in the event and to have had the opportunity to learn from and exchange with others.

    ——Hong Chang, Chief Representative, Los Angeles Convention & Tourism Bureau

  • Among all the conferences that I’ve participated for years, TravelDaily Conference stands out with its solid information, professional debates and arguments, as well as thought-provoking ideas on the market. I can also feel the passion of TravelDaily, as an experienced MICE professional, from reminder messages of the event schedule, power charging stations at the corner of the venue, and schedules on WeChat Mini Program and shuttle buses. Through TravelDaily’s platform, I have access to idea exchange, social networking, and knowledge and inspiration of the industry.

    ——Qijun Zheng, CEO, Manyoua.com

  • What a great TravelDaily conference in Shanghai! It was very informative, fresh, well-designed & executed. You put your heart into the event, and it made tremendous impact!

    ——Haybina Hao, Regional Director - Greater China, WTTC

  • I have always been inspired by the professionalism, enthusiasm, diligence and committment of TravelDaily China.

    ——Yilin Wu, Vice President, Development Unit, ATOUR

  • As one of the first participants of TravelDaily Conference, each time I can get acquainted with a new group of outstanding partners. At the same time, I can also gauge the growth in capital valuations, travel technologies and business models. This is where we can understand the future of China’s travel industry.

    ——Morton Huang, Founder & CEO, Yiqifei.com

  • I have attended TravelDaily Conference for the last 10 years in a row. The event has connected the tourism industry stakeholders of China and the world, and witnessed and promoted the growth of China's tourism.

    ——Ivan Huang, President, i++ Travel Group

  • The 10-year development of TravelDaily has witnessed the transformation of China's travel industry. This is a team of professional ideas and missions.

    ——Hellen Luo, CEO, CYTS

  • TravelDaily China has been a leader in exploring beyond what is happening in the travel industry. I’m expecting more from this platform for the next 10 years.

    ——Jessica Zhu, Innovation Director, Large Enterprises Tourism, Plug and Play

  • The annual TravelDaily Conference is a stage for us to sum up and spot new growth. This is the best opportunity in the travel industry to know about forefront trends and build connections.

    ——Hanyue Jiang, CEO, i++ Travel Group

  • I think all arrangements were superb. Communication arrangements was excellent . I had a great time in interacting with the exhibitors and have a lot to take back. Definitely I feel it is great forum for business .I think everyone at Team TravelDaily were awesome. I thank all of you to the excellent arrangements. Keep it Up. I have attended almost all events across the world but the organization of the event here was superb. Good Speakers, Great Insight and Good Business.

    ——Swapnil Shaha, Vice President -International Markets, Ezeego One Travels and Tours Ltd.

  • I was really impressed with the event. China blew me away more broadly too.

    —— Tristan Thomas, Director of, Analytics, Corporate Development and Innovation, Etihad Aviation Group

  • I found the information shared by the panelists and speakers most insightful and engaging. This was the highlight. Several of the exhibitors were also very forthcoming in sharing good information at their booths, which made it most worthwhile, particularly Tour Talk, VariFlight, Yundijie.com, Translations.com, Mapbox and Mioji.

    ——Andrea Plawutsky, Director, Amplify Me

  • This event stands out with rich content, forward-looking insights and distinguished attendees. The innovation hub has presented creative products and solutions, and some exhibitors are able to bring new developments to the industry.

    ——Zhaohui Li, Chief Representative, Beijing Office, German National Tourist Office

  • Over the years, TravelDaily has remained an effective platform for the tourism industry and investors to exchange ideas and learn from each other, and it is playing a leading role in accommodation business development.

    —— Sarah Chen, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality

  • I feel so lucky to witness the idea exchange and extension at every TravelDaily event. The 2018 Hotel Marketing Conference has redefined the efficient use of space, in particular for the accommodation industry.

    ——Yu Yu, BU President, Metropolo JinJiang Hotels

  • Through this event, I learned about the major development trends in the new environment, the demand for big data, new technology and intelligence and their impacts on the hospitality industry.

    —— Jinghui Lee, Assistant Vice President, Group Business Solutions and Systems, Ascott China

  • The two-day conference has depicted the overall trend of the future accommodation industry in a systematic way, with topics about new generations of consumers, crossover cooperation and intelligent hotels. This event has truly enlightened hoteliers about the value of innovation.

    ——Karen Tang, Vice President, Branding, Atour

  • The TravelDaily event is different from others because of its professionalism, without hard-selling and so-called awards, as well as solid content. This year, it once again blew me away with sharp questions and rational debates between the moderators and industry experts. Also, the TravelDaily team is doing better and better in the whole process with improved venue services, reminders, comments and feedback before, during and after the meeting.

    ——Wen Wang, Senior Director, Product and Guest Experience Division. Super 8

  • Taking part at TravelDaily’s event for the third time, I have again acquired fresh information and knowledge, and more importantly, met industry partners and friends to explore new business opportunities. The 2018 Hotel Marketing Conference gathered senior experts from the 1960s and 1970s generations and rising entrepreneurs from the 1980s and 1990s generations. The topics of the conference was wide ranging, from maintaining the core value of the hotel industry to innovating and redefining Internet-driven hospitality, and the potential upgrades of OTAs and lifestyle platforms.

    ——Zhifeng Zhang, China Director, Expedia

  • This event allowed us to learn and share with each other, integrate technology innovation and cross fertilization of ideas, and promote the transformation the accommodation industry in and outside of China.

    ——Katharine Wang, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, naked Group

  • This is the first time I had the opportunity to attend HMC, although very few foreigners I must say I felt very “homey”. The traveldaily team gathered the most relevant executives all at one place to meet, brainstorm and explore oppurtunities for Sweet Inn to further expand its distribution and presence in the Chinese market. I have attended many conferences in the past, the uniqueness of this one was the intimacy - exactly the right size to meet the right people while not being too big. I’ll make sure to attend the next conference.

    ——Eitan Reisel, CRO, Sweet Inn

  • The HMC by Traveldaily has it all: a top notch line-up with speakers from al segments of the hotel industry, in-depth strategic discussions with industry experts and analysts, a great way to share knowledge and best practices, meet incredible new and creative people and above all it's a great exposure for your brand to be part of such a high quality production!

    ——Casper Knieriem, COO, Bidroom.com

  • I’m always impressed with the massive information and the large number of friends from the industry converging at TravelDaily’s event. The 2018 Hotel Marketing Conference has incorporated new concepts and applications, and I was intrigued by the evolution of hotels and the emergence of new hotel formats. Multi-dimensional use and development of space have added more fun and a human-touch to hotels. Cross-sector integration and penetration have transformed the traditional hotel industry, accelerating the translation of concepts into reality.

    ——Jing Zhou, General Manager, Hotel Business Department, JD.com

  • TravelDaily stands out from competitive exhibitions thanks to its commitment to delivering serious and professional content. TravelDaily is a critical information platform in a fragmented market, and I like to share it with my friends.

    ——Chunlan Wang, Director, Accommodation Unit, Haitu Network Information Technology (Beijing)


Aug. 27 - 29     Shanghai International Convention Center